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Farrah Abraham was born on May 31, 1991 in Ohama, Nebraska. She is a reality star actress, an author and a woman who inspired to become a model and a musician. She is the mother of Sophia Laurent Abraham.

Farrah Abraham became popular when she starred on MTV’s reality series 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom which aired in December 2009 to August of 2012. The series evolves on the theme as being a teenage parent, the difficulties they faced, battles and hardships and their relationships with their family, boys and friends.

On the same year, she released her first debut book – her autobiography entitled My Teenage Dream Ended. Her book discusses her chronicles in life, which includes her story as a teenage mom, the problems, trials and difficulties she faced in her life and her life after her daughter’s father, Derek Underwood, died.

On the other hand, as an inspiring musician, she released several songs, which was more to be an experimental one. Her songs concentrated on the pop genre.

During her childhood years, she lived a normal life. When she entered her teenage years, she attempted to stay as social as possible. She was just 16 years old when she got pregnant. It was the event which changed her life big time. Her high school boyfriend, who happens to be the father of her baby, died in a car accident when she was six months pregnant. During those times, she is facing problems with her family because of her decisions and she still deals with her feelings with regard to her boyfriend’s death.

Just recently, there was trending news about Farrah Abraham’s leaked sex tape. There was unexpurgated image and porn videos of Farrah Abraham sex tape. But she tells in every interview that she is not a porn star. Farrah Abraham aghast almost everybody when she made up her mind to make a sex tape. Many believed that Farrah Abraham’s sex tape was made to make her more famous, but some thought that she made those sex tapes to earn a huge sum of money.

There are various interviews made regarding Farrah Abraham’s sex tape stating that it was intended to be a secret tape. It was made public because someone leaked it to the web, but still, she kept insisting that it was her personal sex tape. After many interviews, she then revealed the reason why she did those sex tapes. She stated in her interviews that she did those sex tapes because it was a way of showing her happiness and satisfaction with her body.

Farrah Abraham was pleased with the result of her sex tape. She also stated that she is very thankful with the opportunity given to her by the said leak video. However, according to her, she will never do another adult video. She is happy and thankful because of the success and result of her sex tape. She definitely celebrates it.

Farrah said that she is not doing any adult films and doesn’t care what the sex industry is going to offer. Farrah Abraham sex tape was believed to be worth $10,000. Farrah Abraham sex tape is continuing to earn views on different websites.

Farrah Abraham Bio

Behind the controversial life that Farrah Abraham had from the release of her porn movie, there are more things that people should know about Farrah Abraham bio. It has been about 5 years since the death of Derek Underwood, her supposedly husband and father of Sophia, and Farrah is trying to live a positive life with her daughter. Derek was her boyfriend since high school and she got pregnant at the age of 16. After one year and 6 months, the tragic accident happened and left Farrah being pregnant to Sophia for 6 months.

By February of 2009, she gave birth to Sophia and started to live her life what she had before she got pregnant. With this Farrah Abraham bio, you will learn that she was then an aspiring model and had a normal life like what other teenagers had. She has her friends and family supporting her with her life as she pursues the career she wanted before she got pregnant. Though she has already starred in 16 & pregnant and Teen Mom, she wants to pursue a career that would make her and her daughter’s life better than before.

An addition to this Farrah Abraham bio, she was not only focused on being a star in a top-rated show, she was also a writer who have published a book entitled “My Teenage Dream Ended”. The book contains her story and how she coped up with being a young mother. Her book was included in the list of New York’s best sellers, which made her a way of doing another book with her daughter entitled “Passy Perfume”. The book with her daughter was released in Kindle and was made for children.

A part of this Farrah Abraham bio, is the stresses she had from all the things that have happened in her life and how she managed to stand up after all of these things happened. Now that she and her daughter have moved onto an apartment in Texas near her father’s house, she is trying to be the best mom she can ever be to Sophia. She is starting to this with letting her daughter feel how she is loved and taken care of by her mother. Farrah is also aiming to let Sophia develop into a child that is intelligent and well-behaved.

The entire Farrah Abraham bio is focused on letting people know that the struggles in being a teenage mom to what she is now just made Farrah a woman that is diligent, responsible and wonderful mother to her daughter.

Aside from being a great mom, she is now returning to her job of modeling, writing, acting and pursuing her goal to be an entrepreneur through her dream of putting up a restaurant business. She has helped her family with launching their very own recipe or Italian Hot Pepper Sauce called Mom&Me. As she starts to rebuild her life and pursue her dreams, she is thanking her fans who have supported her throughout the struggle she had and her dedication to make her life better than before.

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